Pastor’s Column

15th Sunday in Ordinary Time 2014

My brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus,

It has been my desire to lead you, the faithful of St. Boniface and St. Mary of Czestochowa into the holiness that Jesus Christ wants for us.  I have just completed my first year as your pastor and I have enjoyed every movement of it and trust in His grace.

You may still remember that my first weekend masses at St. Boniface and St. Mary, after self-introduction, I told you that your job is praying for me so that I can be your holy priest and my job is to be sure that you are achieving the final goal that is to be with God for eternity.

At the first parish council meeting, I told the council members that I would like to lead these two parishes just like a family.  I believe in a strong family where parents and children are depending on each other and together we abide in Christ Jesus.  I come from a family of ten siblings,  and two have passed away in the early stage of life but eight of us still living with our parents.  On this day most of us are residing in the United States and still some of us are not able to come yet.  I understand the complexity being a member of the family.  Everyone is different in every way and in fact we share the same food, living in the same house but each of us think and act differently.  I like what St. Paul once said “many kind of gifts but the same Spirit” 1Cor. 12:4.  It is true for my family and I, expect that it is true for your family too.  As I lead the parish like one big family in Christ, I also am expecting the diversity of it too.  We are many gifts but united in Christ through the Eucharistic celebration at the table of the Lord.

One of the prioritize things to do as a family is to care for each member such as; parents stay in touch with children and children communicate with parents by using any means that this day and age offers, in this regard, I see the beautiful tradition we continue each year.  Thanksgiving Holiday is the one shouting out for family reunion.  At this feast day, family members gather to spend time together, sharing what had been done throughout the year and thanking God with good food being served.  What a great tradition we have!

In light of this, my next years to serve you as pastor of St. Boniface and St. Mary of Czestochowa, I wish to visit every parishioners home.  It is my duty and part of my pastoral duties to pray for you sanctifying your life including your place.  You may ask what really I do when I come to visit you or what should be the protocol for you to prepare for my coming?  It should be simple and should not disturb your life rather it is a blessing. I will come with holy water and intending to bless your home and any articles you wish to be blessed.  I will pray with you and those attending, and may be a sip of water upon departing.  The visit should last about 30 minutes and if you wish more time, it can be done but it should not take up my next appointment time if I have one.  I will not be able to visit you at home alone, whether you invite your neighbor to be with you or someone will accompany me.  Yes, there should be a time for sharing any concerns of the life of our parish.

How do I know whom to visit?  Beginning this weekend and for the whole month in the Fellowship Hall at St. Boniface and the Narthex at St. Mary, there will be a table that has a folder which contains the roster list of each parishioners name and address.   Simply take the colored marker available and highlight your name, I will then call you to arrange the visit.  Please be patient with me, it will take me few years to accomplish this task on top of my normal weekly duties.

This weekend, the gospel of Matthew revealed to us that Jesus went out of the house and sat at the seashore, many had gather together with him and heard His words.  I wish to get out of the rectory and sit at the Lake Waconia shore or at Lake Minnetonka but it is inconvenient for all of you.  So I will come to your house instead with my blessing from the Lord and praying for you in the next days to come.

Rev. Joseph-Quoc Vuong