Pastor’s Column

27th Sunday in Ordinary Time 2013

My brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus,

October is always a special month for me to remember that 24 years ago myself and my siblings with others; 58 of us were confined ourselves in a bottom of a river boat escaped Vietnam on the south Pacific Ocean finally reached Galang Refugee Camp in Indonesia.  In my pocket at the time was the rosary.  I used it during the horrible journey to pray and trusted our Blessed Virgin Mother at I looked at the Northern Star for direction.  The rosary is no longer with me since it was rotten because of the sea water damaged it, but praying rosary is always my priority because what I had gone through, I believe our Blessed Mother had helped.

Now, October and this entire month is dedicated to the Rosary. The feast day of the Holy Rosary in particular is October 7th. The feast of the Rosary is held on October 7th in memory of the glorious and triumphant victory at the battle of Lepanto in the year 1571. That battle was the most convincing military victory that proved without a doubt the great power of the Rosary that our Blessed Virgin Mother had helped us.
It is a good time to commit to praying the Rosary everyday during this month. The Rosary will bring great peace and holiness to our life. It is a powerful instrument for conversion in this year the Year of Faith. The Rosary is the best method of honoring Mary since the first part of the prayer was the words of the Angel Gabriel, and then Elizabeth greeting Mary then the manifestation of the Church. It protects the Church from false teachings and keeps her safe from the attacks from the Enemy.

I ask you the faithful of St. Boniface and St. Mary Czestochowa to take advantage of this time to ask Mary to intercede for us.  There are some great ways to celebrate the month of the Holy Rosary:

–          Pray the Rosary everyday this month. Pray it especially for priests for me too. People often ask me why I still need prayer since I already ordained.  The truth is this; I am ordained to be the tool of God’s use.  I am still a being like the rest and I still need your constant prayers.

–          Make rosaries, have them blessed and give them away – children love this.  A faithful at St. Mary has approached me with many rosaries she made.  Infact, she grow a kind of grassy nuts and made them into the rosaries.  They are beautiful.  You can teach a group of children to make rosaries of their own. They will really be excited about praying with a rosary they made themselves. You can give the rosaries you make to the elderly in nursing homes, take them to Catholic schools or Religious Education classes at your parish, or mail them to prisons. Make sure you have them blessed first.

–          As part of Vietnamese Catholic community in the Twins Cities, I often be invited to a home who invite a Pilgrim Virgin of Fatima statue into their place and pray the Rosary everyday and celebrating Mass while it is there.  I do not know if we or the parishes surrounding us would have the Pilgrim Virgin of Fatima statue.  If any of you know who have one we can invite the holy statue into our place and pray. It is a beautiful way to spend October. I understand that different groups have different customs but the Vietnamese Catholic in the Twins Cities usually having a large statue of Our Lady of Fatima is taken from home to home especially during the month of October to promote the recitation of the Rosary in families of saintity of life.

Let us together ask our Blessed Virgin Mary this month for the welfare of our parishes with this beautiful habit, it is the perfect month for us to share this devotion with others. Let us come to the table of the Lord where we receive the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, food for our eternity.

Rev. Joseph-Quoc Vuong