Pastor’s Column

5th Sunday of Easter 2014

My brothers and sisters in the Risen Christ,

Looking ahead on the weather channel, there is hope that it will be over 70 degrees this day.  Talking to many people and I come to agree with them,  for 21 years living in Minnesota, I think this past winter is the longest one.  We are in the third week of May but still not many flowers blooming.  I walk around the rectory of St. Boniface and found some tulips are ready for the Spring but still rarely I see flowers.

Everything including us is hoping for sunnier days because we have had enough winter.  We are ready for the Spring ahead of us.  Similarly, in the Gospel this Sunday, Jesus after rising back to life, He is ready for the next step that He is about to return to the Father.  Jesus comforted the disciples that they should not be troubled or worried, but have faith in God – have faith in Jesus Christ.  To have faith in Jesus Christ is to abide in Him.  We are participating in the sacrifice of the Mass and receive the Body and the Blood of Christ, in that we have faith in Jesus Christ.

Having confidence in Jesus Christ will lead us to wherever we are and always we are with Jesus.  Many of us already have experienced moving or traveling.  Wherever we go, we walk with Jesus because He promised us that “where I am you also may be.”

When I migrated to this country, I had a concern that there are hundreds churches but not all are Catholic Church, how do I know which one I belong to since I know no English.  God had His way for me and set me go on a journey with Him.  I am so blessed, this day not only I am able to practice my faith but also with all of you, we walk together to make Jesus known and loved because in Jesus we have life.

Regardless of the winter the flowers are ready for real abundance of its life.  We too, in the midst of things, many things sometime distracting us but we abide in the Risen Christ because only through Him we have life in abundance.

Jesus promised to His disciples and to all of us His followers that: He is                


Let us abide in Jesus as we are receiving the Body and the Blood of Christ.  It is necessary for our life and the life to come eternally with the Father as Jesus said, “No one comes to the Father except through me.

Rev. Joseph-Quoc Vuong