Pastor’s Column

6th Sunday of Easter 2014

My brothers and sisters in the Risen Christ,

Recently our parishes have had many funerals.  It is a bit sadness that some of our   longtime friends have gone to God’s house.    Of course the faith of the Risen Christ assures us that we will be   with God for eternity when our time comes too, but in the present time   sadness is always with us and in fact it is part of human nature.  We cannot help it. 

Counting this May we have had four funerals and I can assure you all four persons who died this May had life long relations to our Blessed Virgin Mary.  I remember Susan Moldenhauer was always praying the Rosary with her husband every time I came and visited them at Elim nursing home. Peter Nguyen, in the past 7 years, prayed the Memorare I gave to him at my ordination in 2007.  James Motzko wore the Rosary around his neck when I visited him at his home and prayed the Rosary with his wife, with the oxygen machine running loud.  And Gerald Kohman loved gardening and each time I visited him, I always was amazed with his sharp mind and full of joy.

We are passing through May – a month we honored our Blessed Mother Mary.  Mary had protected the Savior of all mankind through the incarnation of God – God became man.  This month in our country we have a day to honor mothers – Mother’s Day.  This is rather a simple thing that all of us must not neglect.  No matter how our mother is, she is still our mother.  The dignity of a mother is not granted to all but only to those who bear a child and protect her child from the moment of conception until death.

My brothers and sisters, let us must not forget the work our mothers who raised us.  Our Blessed Virgin Mary is the ultimate model to all the mothers.  She protected the Baby Jesus – escaped to Egypt in the middle of a night and on that Calvary, Mary stood there while her only son – the Son of God died for mankind.

In our country we also honor the men and women who have sacrificed their life to protect our homeland and beyond to keep peace in the world.  We will celebrate the Holy Mass this Monday at 8am for those service people and by 9am we will gather at our school gym to honor those men and women and then we will go to St. Boniface and Minnetrista Baptist Cemetery.  I will do a service at St. Mary Cemetery during our festival day at 1pm.

Let us continue asking our Blessed Virgin Mary to intercede for us before the glory of God that we too be protected from evil that always awaits to disgrace us.

Rev. JosephMary Quoc Vuong