Pastor’s Column

7th Sunday of Easter 2014

My brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus,

We are in the summer mode already as the weather on this day surpasses 80 degree Fahrenheit.  Sitting in my office clearing off those papers and junk placed here since the winter began; many excited activities were going on in our parishes since Lent.  We are just passing through the Mary’s month that was in May.  Last Monday May 26 was also my 7th year of Priestly Ordination.  Please pray for me that the works for the Lord entrusted me at St. Boniface and St. Mary or Czestochowa may be done according to His will.

We are now in June.  This year Easter was late therefore most of the Sunday Feast days are in June such as this weekend is the Feast of the Ascension of the Lord; the Feast of St. Boniface is on June 5; the Pentecost Sunday is on June 8; the Most Holy Trinity is on June 15; the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ is on June 22; the Nativity of St. John the Baptist is on June 24; the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus is on June 27; and the Feast Peter and Paul is on June 29.

The feast – the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus was always celebrated in the early church from St. John to St. Paul through ideas that is “the love of God, Who so loved the world as to give it His only-begotten Son, and to the love of Jesus, Who has so loved us as to deliver Himself up for us.”  The feast had been postponed and denied to make it a universal feast by many popes and finally on 11 June 1899, by order of Leo XIII, and with the formula prescribed by him, all mankind was solemnly consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  And this feast is usually celebrated in June each year.

As a little boy in my hometown, the month of May and June would be glorious months.  During May the Vietnamese Catholic has a tradition performing liturgical dance to honor our Blessed Virgin Mary.  Many groups of boys and girls prepare a special liturgical dance for the whole month celebration.  Particularly each Saturday of May, many liturgical groups dance and gather for the competition and by the end of May whoever have the highest scores would be honored to perform during the procession of Blessed Virgin Mary.  At my home parish in Minneapolis this Satuday May 31st, we continue this tradition.

 June is the month devoted to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.  We would gather in each household praying together and then the kids might receive treats after the prayer.  It was an exciting time as I remember these two months we celebrate the most two important figures in our Church.  From the heart of Jesus we receive love – the love of Jesus for humanity is unconditional love.  Jesus asks each of us to continue carrying His love to this world so that whoever receives Christ will live and have eternal life with Christ.

Sacred Heart of Jesus please fills our hearts with your love so that we may begin to bring the true love for others into our community, our country and this world.

Let us adore the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ!

Rev. JosephMary Quoc Vuong