Pastor’s Column

The Feast of the Baptismal of the Lord 2014

My Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus,

We have already stepped our feet into the New Year 2014.  We are starting a fresh new year with hope that the whole year will be truly a blessing from God to us.  As a Vietnamese tradition wishing the New Year, I should say: Tan Nien Van Phuc meaning I wish you all a New Year with a thousand fold of happiness.

As New Year just began; so many things are a fresh start for each of us already.  As a parish, we will enter into this exciting time – the time for each of us to grow more maturely in faith, and work together building this community stronger than ever.  The Christmas Season will be ending as we celebrate the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord.  Observing over the past few months as I am pastoring you, I think without each of you our mission making Jesus Christ known and loved will not be completed.  Many of you still commenting on how wonderful we are at Christmas celebration; many had attended Masses and we wish it could be a normal for weekly celebration of the Eucharist.

This weekend indeed we celebrate the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord.  This feast is also reminding us that we are members of Christ’s church.  We are children of God – children of the Light.  Let us together at this parish make the Light of Christ shine.  Let us bring Christ to others and be Christ for others throughout this year.  Let us together begin with the New Year walking with the Light – Jesus Christ is the only hope for our eternal life.

Rev. Joseph-Quoc Vuong