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Catholic United Financial Breakfast 2018
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Catholic United Financial (CUF) Donates $10,264 to Our Parish

BIG Thanks to our Parish CUF Team and Parish Volunteers for All Their Hard Work to Make This Happen!

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Left to Right: Michael Smith, Mary Willadsen, Sharon Vanderlinde, Carol Heyer, Peter Ryan (CUF), Father Joseph, Judy Weinzierl, Barbara Smith, Ken Vanderlinde Sr.

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Bunny Bingo Faith Formation Team


Anointing Mass (October 18)

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Successful 2017 Rummage Sale – Raised $4,438.45 in direct sales plus we will receive a $1,000 matching grant from Catholic United Financial bringing the total net benefit to the church of $5,438.45Bravo to all helpers that made this possible!
Two New Flat Screen TVs purchased with Catholic United Financial $400 Donation for St. Boniface Faith Formation Efforts
Catholic United Financial Donations to St. Boniface Parish
> $1,000 Matching Grant to St. Boniface for Successful Rummage Sale
> $400 to Buy New Flat Screen TV for Faith Formation
> Sponsor CUF Breakfast
> Sponsored Bicycle Giveaway for Bunny Bingo

> $1,000 Donation towards Chalice for Tim Sandquist from Our Parish

To be Ordained as a Priest in May 2017