Faith Formation – St. Boniface

Mission Statement:

God, whose love is infinite, created us in His image, to know, love and serve Him in this world and to live forever with Him in heaven. It is the first duty of parents to impart this knowledge to their children. St. Boniface Faith Formation program will then collaborate with parents to continue to teach children the heritage of truth and grace which Christ left us. It is the hope of this parish program to proclaim the teachings of the Catholic Church by which we might all attain our salvation.

St. Boniface Faith Formation Offers the Following Programs:

2018 – 2019 Faith Formation Registration click HERE
Registration Forms were DUE Monday, September 10, 2018

2018 – 2019 Calendar Click HERE

2018 – 2019 Faith Formation Handbook Click HERE


If You Have Any Questions Regarding Our Programs, Please Contact: 

Laura Janas, Faith Formation Director
952-446-1054 Ext: 25

Father Peter Hughes, Pastor
952-446-1054 Ext: 22

Reboot – Youth Church Event – Anthony, Chris Stefanick, and Geno
April 17th KC Sponsored for St. Boniface Confirmation Students
Bunny Bingo 2019
Total Revenue for Faith Formation: $3,430.16 – Amazing!
Haley Bauman – Winner of Bunny Bingo Bike from Catholic United Financial

Friday Lenten Soup Dinner Hosted by Faith Formation Students

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Holy Land Pilgrimage Tour Presentation by Michael Smith

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The Catholic School Difference

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