Pastor’s Column

First Sunday of Advent 2013

My brothers and sisters in Christ,

We are entering the Advent season in the year of the Lord 2013. All the scripture readings for Sunday will be in cycle A and the daily readings will be in year II.  Advent is originally from the Latin word adventur, which means “arrival”. The Advent season starts usually the beginning of December and its takes up four Sundays before Christmas celebration on the 25th of December.

Each year in December, families begin to decorate their homes, inside and out. They get out the special Christmas dishes to use during the holidays. The Christmas photo album is proudly displayed for all to enjoy. The favorite Christmas stories and books are set out. The traditional nativity scene is carefully set up. The house is filled with Christmas music and the sweet smell of baking. It is truly a time of preparation and joy.

We have a fantastic tradition of how to prepare so beautifully in our place for such the holiday.  We wait for the arrival of joy and peace that fill our lovely place.  However, we will not be completely joyful and peaceful if our interior is not prepared to welcome the Christ child.  It is nice to prepare our place for the season but it is the best if we reserve a pure heart to allow Christ be with us.  At St. Boniface and St. Mary we have put out the envelope for every family registered member of the parish.  Please take one for yours as you are coming to Mass and we will send it to you if any left this weekend.

Let us truly prepare ourselves to welcome Christ by taking advantage of the sacrament of reconciliation.  In our parish, we will have many opportunities to celebrate this sacrament as well as other services.  Look in the schedule for times that the sacraments or services will be celebrated.  It is a true gift for us in this Advent season as well.  Our heart will be empty if we ignore and only focus on external things.  There is nothing greater and better than to reserve a pure heart for Christ the Son of God – Emanuel.

Rev. Joseph-Quoc Vuong