Pastor’s Column

Pastor’s Column April 14, 2013


I would love to take a moment to congratulate those who have/are receiving First Holy Communion at both parishes and also those who will be confirmed from St. Boniface. What a beautiful faith we have in our Catholic Church that gives to our young people the powerful protection and guidance of the sacraments. The sacraments are personal encounters with a loving God. The Holy Eucharist, the consecrated bread and wine turned into the Body and Blood of Jesus is given to our second graders at a very delicate time in their lives. They are able to receive Jesus in a very special and powerful way, in such a way that He will be able to help them in times of difficulty. So too, our confirmands will receive the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit to help and aid them in times of struggle and difficulty. God does not leave us orphans. We are afforded great hope and help when we need it. The gifts of the Holy Spirit will help our young people to steer around the potholes in life. To help them make good healthy choices in a world that is full of temptation. Of course the Holy Eucharist will help our children to keep their focus on what is right and good. Jesus will help them to grow strong and full of integrity. Let us keep all of our young people close to our hearts, uniting our prayers to God, asking him to put forth great effort to help them all so they know the deep love He has for them and to ultimately help them obtain eternal life.

Peace, Fr. Tom