Pastor’s Column

Pastors Column — Sunday 18th in Ordinary Time 2013

From the Pastor’s Desk

My sisters and brothers in Christ Jesus,

Once an elderly lady approached a priest. She told him that her husband had recently died and she was going to make a significant donation to the parish. She then revealed her plan to give the bulk of her estate to the Church. The priest was grateful, but also curious. He mentioned that most people seemed almost automatically to will everything to their children on these days. “I know they do,” said the woman. Then she smiled, “but I want to share what God had been given me to our parish when I die!”

Each person of course has to decide what to do with his/her estate, but one thing is clear. As Jesus points out today, none of us can take it with us. I have done many funerals, but I have never seen a hearse with U-Haul following it or a coffin is twice as big as it side. As Job said, “naked I came into this world and naked I shall depart.”

I have been assigned to St. Boni and St. Mary Czestochowa and just getting into the places since July 1st 2013.  I am thankful to God that he continues blessing me with many things:

Just little two weeks ago, St. Mary was blessing with the festival we had and it was truly gifted from God to us this year.  Many of us working tirelessly to maintain the vital activities of our parish and being payback as we enjoined the phenomenal Sunday afternoon with food, music and many fun things.  I am grateful for all the things we have done as community together.

At St. Boni, time is getting near to the Country Fest day.  We are praying for God’s grace pour upon us as we are moving forward.  At the rectory, I have met many parishioners bringing stuff that donate to the silent auction.  Many things are finalized so we will have a perfect day rocking at St. Boni.  I am grateful for many of you continue to embrace and building God’s kingdom beginning here.


What we are doing here at St. Boni and St. Mary relating to the gospel today.  We are putting our times and talents even resource to build God’s kingdom.  We are putting our treasure toward to heaven where no one can take it away from us but rather we will enjoin what we have for eternity.

Let us meeting Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament that God promises us for eternal life.

Rev. Joseph-Quoc Vuong