Pastor’s Column

Pastor’s Column February 3, 2013


We are beginning our Catholic Services Appeal this weekend. It is the major fundraiser for many different programs the archdiocese sponsors. One program near and dear to my heart is the formation of future priests in our two seminaries. I am an adjunct spiritual director at the college seminary called St. John Vianney.
It has been one of my great privileges to walk with a number of seminarians on their journey towards the priesthood. I have found these young men to be deeply faithful, focused on God, full of integrity, and desiring to serve God in all humility. There is a fire lit in the hearts of these young men that is hard to describe but fills me with great hope for the future of our Catholic Church.
They start off each day with an hour of quiet prayer down in the chapel, followed by Mass, then go to classes. The seminarians support each other in prayer and growth in the virtues. Eucharistic Adoration, the rosary, and the Divine Office are all fully supported as are the charismatic gifts and their proper use for the building up of our faith. These young men are being formed to serve our Holy Mother Church in very radical and powerful ways. Traditional devotions and lives of the saints are looked to for the deepening of one’s relationship with God. I believe that God is very pleased with how our seminaries have turned things around especially over the last two decades. Zeal for God and love for His people are really at the center of what is being taught and lived.
So, please be generous in your desire to support the archdiocese in the many different ministries that help us all to reach our goal of heaven itself!
Remember that without the priest, there is no Eucharist… No priest, no Eucharist! You all are always in my prayers.

Peace, Fr. Tom