Pastor’s Column

Pastor’s Column January 6, 2013


Happy New Year to all! As we begin our new year let me take a little bit of time to say thank you again to all the many people that have made this last year so special for me here at St. Mary’s and St. Boniface.
First of all, a special thanks to all of our office staff. To our two secretaries who have been so wonderful in keeping me on the straight and narrow. To our faith formation (CCD) coordinators and teachers who with untiring love and devotion have organized and taught our faith to the kids in such an exceptional way (your reward will be great in heaven)!!! To our music director and choirs who have given us so much beautiful music this past Advent and Christmas seasons. To our maintenance men who without them our churches and grounds would be unsafe and unkept. To our trustees, who look after the wellbeing of the parishes so well. To those who serve on the Pastoral and Finance Councils and all of the Councils… To all of our ministers, whether it be locking and unlocking, setting up, lectoring, Extraordinary Ministers, ushering, sacristans, the Liturgy of the Word teachers who teach our little children during Mass, altar servers, rosary leaders, those who do so much work with the bulletin, and of course, all of the decorators who have put in so much time and energy making this Christmas so beautiful. To all of you, my sincerest thanks!
Thanks to the St. Boniface and St. Mary’s Council of Catholic Women, the Knights of Columbus, St. Mary’s Men’s Club, St. Boniface Catholic Aid, and the St. Boniface Quilters.
But I would also like to give a special thanks to all of our parishioners who day in and day out come and worship with us. Who strive to live a deep faith filled life, raising children in our Catholic faith, tithing, praying (interceding) for one another and for me in powerful ways. Also, many of you have been incredibly generous through gift cards of many sorts, bars and cookies, breads and dinners. I have to be very careful because of all of your generosity. It may force me to exercise more…
Forgive me if I have missed anyone. I am deeply grateful to everyone. What generous parishioners we have here at both St. Mary’s and St. Boniface. And lastly, I am truly thankful to God for the many blessings and graces He has given to me this past year but especially these last couple of years as your pastor. I have really enjoyed my time here and thank God often that He has given me the honor and privilege of serving all of you as your pastor. You all are and will be always in my prayers.

Peace, Fr. Tom