Scholarships for Catholic Education

Scholarships for Catholic Education (SFCE)

The Scholarships for Catholic Education (SFCE) Committee is made up of St. Boniface Parishioners who send their children to area Catholic elementary schools. The purpose of the committee is to raise funds to help offset the higher tuition rates paid by these families since they are not members of the school’s home church. For example, ‘out-of-parish’ tuition at St. Joseph’s Catholic school in Waconia is approximately $1000 higher for students who are from parishes other than St. Joseph’s. This committee raises funds so that this extra tuition charge can be paid from committee funds, rather than by parish families. Families are still responsible for paying the tuition amount equal to St. Joseph’s “in-parish” tuition. Our goal is to keep active young families as members of St. Boniface parish.

In order to be eligible to receive these funds, a family must join the SFCE committee the year PRIOR to funds being distributed to the school for their child/children. They must also be active members of the SFCE committee.

Please call the Parish Office (952-446-1054) if you are thinking of sending your child/children to a Catholic school; and become a member of the Scholarships for Catholic Education Committee