Pastor’s Column

Second Sunday of Lent 2014

My brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus,

About three week ago on this day I was at the transfiguration mountain where Jesus, with his disciples, was up there some twenties centuries ago.  The mountain stands on itself and surrounds a valley where today people are farming.  I was told by the tour guide that it used to be a Christian community who lived and farmed here but to this day there is no Christian at all and populated by the Muslim people who have built many mosques surrounding the place but on the top of the mountain it is the Catholic Church.  In this church there is a great golden mosaic piece of art of the Transfiguration of Christ.


During this Lenten season, each of us is called to transform ourselves into Christ. The disciples of Jesus wanted to build three tents on the mountainside.  They had seen the great glory of God and wanted it to last forever.  We too, as we discover, Jesus Christ is the only person who can give and assure us a place for eternity.  We come to follow him faithfully and even doing extra things this Lenten season for Christ’s sake.  However, the disciples soon learned that rather than building their tents on the mountainside, they pitched their tents on the rugged hillside of the cross.  Yes we are no exception; we too in the meantime live this earthly life and prepare ourselves for the eternal life.

Let us come to the Eucharistic table to partake the Lord – food for the journey.

Rev. Joseph-Quoc Vuong