Pastor’s Column

Sunday 19th in Ordinary Time 2013

My brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus,


We are gearing things up for the Hog Roast Festival happening on August 18, 2013, at St. Boniface.  It is the yearly event that parishioners and visitors gather to celebrate the Eucharist and enjoy fun under the sun.  I am looking forward to this since it is my first year pastoring here.


I quickly learn that everything we do in life regardless important or not important, regardless if it is a big event of small event – we have to some sort of preparation.  For example:  at the celebration of the Eucharist each time, there are faithful people doing work before the Mass is actually celebrated.  Those people we call Sacristans (person who set the sacred vessels, vestments, books of prayer at their appropriate places in the sanctuary of the church) and we have a bountiful group of sacristans helping at St. Mary and St. Boniface.  I thank you very much for your grateful act that helps the celebrations run smoothly.


I thank you, and encourage all of you to continue to build the kingdom of God in our parishes, even if you might think your tasks are too small to make a difference.  Yes, everything comes with preparation for the greater glory of God.


The gospel from last and this week set a tone for us in the mid of the beautiful summer in Minnesota that our centrality meaning of life is in God.  God is in control and if we are cooperating with god, we are safe regardless of what may be happening to us.  Be preparing for things that last for eternity.  Do store up treasures of  yourself that last forever.  Be ready for the coming of Christ – meaning be ready for the celebration of the holy Mass each time you attend.  If we come with readiness, we are insured when Jesus promised that at any unexpected hour the Lord can come. We are ready.


Let us come to  prepare ourselves for the Holy Eucharist as food for the journey to eternity.


Rev. Joseph-Quoc Vuong