Pastor’s Column

The Passion Sunday 2014

My brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus,

I have seen hundreds of you in the last five days at our parishes of St. Mary Czestochowa and  St. Boniface for the Faith Renewal – Parish Mission with Father Lon Konold OMI., I thank you as the Lord continues leading us in holiness of life.  Many of you have given generously of your time and treasure by putting things in your busy life aside and attending all events.  I understand that many of you were not able to attend but I assure you this: we are praying for you too.  I thank the Lord for His grace that has touched our communities.

As we are entering into Holy Week – we enter into the passion of Christ who had died for our sins and saved us.  Two months ago, I was at the Golden Gate where Jesus triumphantly entered into the temple of Jerusalem.  This gate on this day is closed but it is still there where Jesus was surrounded by thousands of people who shouted aloud: Hosanna to the Son of David, blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord, the King of Israel. Hosanna in the highest.


I encourage all of you to attend all the services that are scheduled here at both parishes as much as you can as we are truly the believers of Jesus Christ.  I will celebrate morning mass on Holy Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at St. Boniface at 8am.  Holy Thursday and Good Friday I will celebrate Mass and Services at both parishes; please refer to the schedule sheet for times.  Holy Saturday, I will celebrate the Easter Vigil at St. Mary Czestochowa to welcome Kathleen Motzko into our community of faith and at St. Boniface Father Hillary Nhuan Tran CMC. will be the presider.

I realize that our churches are limited in space, as you come for the celebration, please fill in the front pews first and share the space with others.  Please show hospitality and welcome others among us as they come and worship the Lord with us.

Let us chose the Eucharist – food for life and eternal life.

Rev. Joseph-Quoc Vuong